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What do I wear to my first massage?

For best results we recommend you book your appointment 48 hours in advance to be sure you get the time of day and day of the week that you want. If you are new to Solaris Massage the only thing you need to know is whether you want a 60 or 90 minute session. You’ll be selecting “New Client 60” or “New Client 90” after clicking on the “Book For One” button to the right. If you get a monthly massage, or are new to massage altogether, an hour is probably sufficient. If it’s been a while, or you know you want extra time for your therapist to reach those deeper tissue layers, we recommend you book a 90 minute session. If D=Rxt, we know that it does take more TIME for the body to relax into a more receptive state. Don’t worry too much about exactly what type of massage you need, you will discuss those details with your therapist when you arrive for your appointment.

Are you booking a couples massage? Great! Just find out when both of you are available and use the “Book For Couples” button to the right to send us your information. We will find a time that works for you and reply by phone and or email to complete booking. We will be able to take payment information over the phone or by sending you an invoice. Your couples massage appointment will be confirmed when payment is complete.

Are you a repeat offender? You’ve been in before? Booking for a single appointment? Solid. You’ll also select the “Book For One” button to navigate to our 24 hour online booking system. Feel free to try a different therapist than you had last time, we are NOT the jealous types. If you don’t remember what to book, wish to be put on a cancellation list or have additional questions, you can always submit a request for more information. We may be busy in session, but we will get back to you ASAP.