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Massage Gift Certificate

Solaris Massage KC gift certificate


Our massage treatments make popular gifts for regular clients, anniversary gifts, birthday celebrations, wedding registries, and employee rewards. When you choose a Gift Certificate, we will send the certificate right to the recipient. You can also purchase a massage and skip the paper altogether. We call it “Paperless pre-pay”, and this is a popular way for regular clients to purchase six packs, pay in advance for an upcoming appointment, or to pay for a friend’s appointment. A word on purchasing Gift Certificates: Don’t sweat the details! You choose the amount of time that fits your budget, and let the recipient make the rest of the decisions. You don’t need to know what kind of massage they like, or make the actual appointment for them. In fact, we discourage ambushing anyone with a surprise massage! If you want to give the recipient the most options, go for the ninety minute massage, as ANY treatment type is available at this level. A quick note on the Six Pack Savings Bundle: Many people purchase a Six Pack and use all six sessions themselves. It’s a great way to save money when you know that regular massage is in your future. Others buy a Six Pack and give all six as a gift. Some folks share their Six Pack with friends and family. We’ve even had bosses purchase a six pack or two for their very lucky employees. However you slice it, a Six Pack is the best way to save! If you have more questions or need help making a purchase don’t hesitate to contact us by phone at 816-868-1684 or send us an e-mail at