Giving your Massage Therapist Feedback

After a treatment last night a client asked when he should give me feedback on the amount of pressure he’d prefer.  The smart ass in me was thinking “uh, before now”.  Luckily, the diplomat spoke instead.  New Clients always get the speech that includes “we like feedback, feel free to tell me ‘more pressure, less pressure, my feet are tickleish’ or to say nothing at all”.  I realize that it can be tough to lay there all quiet and relaxed AND speak up to share input about how the massage is going.  In fact, let me confess: I have had my trachea smashed into the table below on more than one occasion (as a client) and never said a word to the therapist.  There, I said it.

It can be hard to give your massage therapist constructive criticism.  But let me encourage you to do so (and preferably before or during the massage).  As talented as we may be, we are NOT mindreaders!  Positive reinforcement is also important.  We may THINK we doing a great job, but we don’t really know unless you tell us.  You might think of some things the next day and drop her an e-mail.  Next time you come in, remind her that you LOVED the work she did on your legs and knees last time and would like a little more of that this time.  You could even be more specific and tell her that it is ok to skip the scalp massage this Tuesday in order to have more time for the legs.

So let me repeat myself: it is always a good time to give your MT feedback.


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