Hot Stone – Solaris Style

27 Hot Stones for massage

How are your hands so warm?

Is that a stone or your hand?  It’s a question we get all the time.  If you can’t distinguish between our hands and our stones, then you are probably experiencing the seamless application of heat enjoyed during a Solaris Hot Stone Massage.  You might be more familiar with the typical clip art photo of a neat row of rocks lined up along the spine of a smiling client.  We do things a little differently.  Rather than simply placing the stones on your body, we focus more on actually DOING massage with the heat of the stones.  We transfer heat from the stones to your body with our hands, and when the temperature of the stones is just right, we use the stones to apply heat and pressure in smooth, gliding strokes.

What kind of rocks do you use? We use smooth basalt stones, varying in size from about 6 centimeters, which fit in the palm of our hands, to to very large flat stones (15 centimeters) which we use over the sacrum.  Some folks assume the stones have some sort of magical properties, but really they are just smooth stones that retain heat well.

Is there any therapeutic value in hot stone massage, or is it just a spa style treatment?  The way we use hot stones is very much focused on the therapeutic value of heat.  Our tissues respond to heat by becoming more pliable (thixotropy).  If you have ever played with Silly Putty, you know that if you warm it in your hand first, you can easily pull a long stretchy strand.  If you pull it quickly while it is still cold, it will snap in two.  When we apply the heat from our stones to your body, your muscles become more like warm pliable Silly Putty.  It not only feels great, but is also great tool for achieving the therapeutic goal of increased flexibility and joint mobility.

Are you using some kind of warming lotion? No. That would be weird.

If you’d like to see more, watch our video.  If you have any questions, just ask!

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