No half hour appointments for new clients…

…and here’s why: D=Rxt, Time is part of the deal .  Even if your only complaint is your lower back.   If  we’ve never worked on you before, a half hour is not enough time for us to get a sense of what your body needs.  I know I know, you’re really busy and you know right where it hurts.  Right there, just there, only there.  Well if I drive my car into the shop complaining that it is pulling really hard to the right, I could tell my mechanic to just work on the steering column.

A good mechanic is going to drive my car around the block and figure out that I have a leak in my tire.  I could say “the tires look fine to me, why do you need take it around the block?”.  Well, that’s what a good mechanic does: Listens to you, and then adds to what you say by making her own assessment.  And that assessment takes time.

The body has it’s own rhythm and speed.  Part of what we do as massage therapists is assess those things and work with them to help your body feel better.  Even if you only feel pain in one specific area, we really do need to take the time (especially the first time we see you) to asses the situation and best determine HOW we can help you.  And that, my friends, takes more than thirty minutes.

Now lets say you been goin’ to the same mechanic for  a while now, taking the old chassis in for regular maintenance and then you roll over a nail.  Well now yes, by all means, come on in and we’ll fix that flat in a jiffy, dig?

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