Services & Pricing


Fitness Fiber Massage

  • 60 Minute Subscription$67.50 /month
  • 90 Minute Subscription$94.50 /month

We created the fitness fiber subscription plan for those who want to stay on track with regular monthly massage and want a good reason to do so!
“I need to do this more often” is something we hear ALL the time, and we wanted to make it easier for you to do just that. Your monthly payment covers one massage each month AND any additional services you book with us while you are subscribed are ALL 10% off. Massages DON’T roll over and can’t be shared, so get them booked and stay on schedule! That’s what Fitness Fiber is all about, STAYING REGULAR!



Six Pack Savings Bundle

that’s less than $68/hour!
that’s about $95/90 minutes!
Buy a bundle of six massage treatments all at once and save! Use them all yourself, or share with friends in the form of gift certificates. Man, what a way to be popular AND thrifty! Also, this has made many a boss popular with the peoples!
Massage Techniques

Ashiatsu is a form of deep tissue massage. The therapist uses bars overhead for balance and applies deep compression with her feet. This technique is perfect for cyclists, runners, dancers, really any athlete who loves deep tissue work. No, you will not be crushed. The therapist is able to moderate pressure from zero to full body weight using the overhead bars. We are proud to be the FIRST Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy provider in Kansas City!
Deep Tissue
The therapist uses elbow, knuckles and forearms to press into deep layers of muscle tissue. You can’t hurry love; likewise muscle. Deep tissue work requires a 90 minute appointment.
Hot Stone
$105, $210 for couples
Smooth basalt stones are heated to around the temperature of your latte. In the Solaris Massage version of Hot Stone massage, we use these stones to heat both our hands and ultimately as a tool to massage your body. Warm muscles=pliable muscles, so we can accomplish more in our short time together. The nature of this treatment requires a 90 minute treatment. Watch a video on Solaris Hot Stone Massage.
Cold Stone
Employing aromatherapy, sinus pressure points and chilled stones this treatment is recommended as a great escape from Summer heat, seasonal allergies and is also a great post-marathon treatment for sore muscles. This is a specific 60 minute protocol and is all about chilling out!

Escape the heat with this zero calorie treat
Fire & Ice
Hot and cold stones alternate to help exhausted post-marathon muscles recover.  This is a 60 minute service.
Couples Massage
Two clients, two therapists, one room.  Our couples massage is a great way to celebrate an upcoming wedding, anniversary, or for no reason at all.  Many first-time clients find the presence of their partner comforting.  One hour is $150, a ninety minute is $210 and can include hot stones.