Massage For One

  • Thirty Minute Massage $45
  • Sixty Minute Massage $75
  • Ninety Minute Massage $105

Thirty Minute Treatments:

  • Basic Blend Spot Treatment – Just enough time to focus on one trouble area, our therapists will blend a variety of techniques in this short focused visit.
  • Cold Stone Quickie – Escape the heat of summer, congestion of seasonal allergies, and enjoy this blend of chilled stones, sinus pressure points, and relaxing aromatherapy blends. This treatment focuses on face, scalp, hands and feet and can be done while clothed.

Sixty Minute Treatments:

  • Basic Blend Hour – An hour is great for a first massage, or for people who stay on a monthly schedule. This allows enough time to address scalp, shoulders, arms, hands, legs, feet and back.
  • Fire and Ice – Hot and cold stones alternate to help you recover from an athletic event. Many runners swear by this after a marathon.
  • Cranio-Sacral Session – Our skilled CranioSacral therapist does a full one hour treatment using this subtle but powerful technique.
  • Pre-natal Massage – A customized session focused on what is bothering YOU, because every pregnancy is different.  Always ask your doctor before booking!

Ninety Minute Treatments

  • Basic Blend – Extended Mix – 90 minutes are recommended if it’s been more than a month since your last massage. This allows enough time to complete a full body massage AND spend extra time on trouble areas.
  • Deep Tissue – You can’t hurry love, so too with Deep Tissue techniques. In order to relax into the deeper layers of tissue, this style of massage does require more time, but not necessarily extreme pressure.
  • Hot Stone, Solaris Style – Smooth basalt stones are heated to around the temperature of your latte. We use these stones to heat our hands and your tissues. Warm muscles=pliable muscles. The nature of this treatment requires 90 minutes.
  • Ashiatsu Deep Tissue – Ashiatsu is a form of deep tissue massage. The therapist uses bars overhead for balance and applies deep compression with her feet. This technique is perfect for rugby players, cyclists, runners, dancers, really any athlete who loves deep tissue work!