Solaris Update August 2009

What’s new since last time?  Well, we have been putting some great new music on our playlist; Gambit is in Maine working on some island; this lovely arrangement on our table from Dutch Flowers; a great new line of products from Blooming Lotus for pampering your hard working feet; and we get to see Andee at the front desk nearly every day here at the gym (yay!).  Oh yeah, and we had to buy our second box of 500 kraft paper brown envelopes for gift certificates from xpedx.  Luckily we got their last box!

The summer continues to be mild in Kansas City, and our business continues to grow steadily at our home in the crossroads location of Scott Fitness.  Our website was updated in April, and we hope it continues to be easy to use and navigate!  The Coffee Girls moved to Waldo (lucky southsiders!) and we’ve settled into our new favorite coffee spot: Grand Street Coffee (its just south of 20th on Grand, across from KC Costume and diagonal from the Cashew).

John (Scott, that is) continues to work hard on the new gym location at 36th and Broadway.  It will be Kansas City’s premier garden level gym!  There will be a big party on the 5th of September from 7-11, so mark your calenders.  The new gym is going to be glowy and bright and different (yet again) from the other three.

We worked on so many birthday people during the Cancer zodiac that we are certain massage MUST be a favorite of that star sign!  It’s been great fun to meet and work on so many  friends and family of our regular clients.  Thanks to all of you for sending them into us this summer!

As some of you recall, I’ve been threatening to walk on your backs for sometime now.  Well this fall I actually get to go take a class in Ashiatsu (it means foot pressure, as I recall).  I am supposed to practice hula hoop and chin ups to prepare for the class.  Whatever, I think I’ll just eat some greasy Doritos then git to steppin’.  No really, I couldn’t be more excited to learn this awesome new modality.  I’ll be getting bars installed upon my return and should be ready to take clients starting in October 2009!  Book early, and book often for best results!

Well kids, I think that about catches us up.  As always, feel free to get your instant updates by following us on your favorite social media network, and we hope to see you in real time-space soon!


2 thoughts on “Solaris Update August 2009

  1. Ashiatsu sounds interesting! I have this vision of Lucy Liu in the Charlie’s Angels movie – can’t remember if it’s the first one or the second one when she’s doing that kind of massage? If you haven’t seen that scene – you should check it out ; )

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