Massage for One


Each therapist at Solaris Massage is licensed by the state of Missouri and trained in a wide variety of techniques. When you book an hour or 90-minute session, tell your therapist if you are having specific issues that need to be addressed. By default, our Custom Blend Hour and 90-Minute sessions will include scalp, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, back, legs, and feet.

If you prefer to skip any of those body parts, just tell your therapist!

Pro-tip: Choose “no preference” when selecting a therapist to see ALL the times available for that particular service!



New Client Custom Blend Massage

New to Solaris Massage? New to massage altogether? With enough time to fill out your intake form and discuss your treatment goals with your therapist, our 60-Minute Massage is a great first-time massage appointment. Our 90-Minute Massage is great for clients who haven't had a massage in a while, or know they need the deep relaxation attainable in a longer session! You tell us where it hurts, and we customize a treatment just for you!

Return Client Custom Blend Massage

Coming back to Solaris? This is what you book. If you’ve been in before, you know whether you need a 60-minute or a 90-minute massage. A 60-minute is great for those who stay on a regular monthly schedule, a 90-minute session allows for more detailed work and attention to trouble spots.

Prenatal Massage

A 60-minute customized session focused on what is bothering YOU, because every pregnancy is different. Depending on how far along you are, we’ll work with you lying on your side (similar to how you sleep at night). As with other massages, the goal of Prenatal Massage is relaxation. We don’t work on your belly (we don’t work on anyone’s belly). Always check with your doctor before booking.

Specialty Massage

Specialty Massage techniques require extra training and are each 90-minute sessions. While every therapist is trained in a wide variety of techniques and can offer great Custom Blend Massages, Specialty Massage requires more specific booking in order for the correct room, equipment, and therapist to be ready. Ready to try something new? Read on, and book soon! If you’re buying a gift, a 90-minute ensures the recipient can choose from ANY of our Specialty Massages, or choose a Custom Blend.