We LOVE regulars, returns and referrals!


Here at Solaris, we love regulars, returns, and referrals.

When you run a small business, people love to share their “good” ideas about how you can promote your business. I could do chair massage at first Fridays; I could offer $5 off a first massage; I could donate a free massage to your son's football team raffle; I could work on famous people when they are in town; I could pay your company to put a link to your business on your competitor's listing; I can sell a one hour massage for $40, then you $20... it goes on and on.

From the very beginning, I wanted to set prices that were fair. I didn't want to do a lot of promotions that involved dropping the price, because I feel like it punishes the regular clients who make regular appointments—and pay regular price. There is nothing wrong with being regular. In fact, we prefer regular clients. Yes, even over rockstars and celebrities.

If you compare our regular prices to those of our competitors, you'll see that there really aren't a lot of places charging LESS. If you're looking for a bargain, it's already here. Our ninety-minute session, which includes many specialty technique options (Hot Stone, Ashiatsu, Deep Tissue) is about the same price a lot of places charge for a basic one-hour Swedish massage. BTW, it's $90 here.

While it's always fun to meet new clients, and it does take a village to run a business, we're going to stick with what we know and go our own way.  Which brings me to the promotions that we DO do. I said do-do.

Here at Solaris, we love regulars, returns, and referrals. For regular return clients, we offer the Six Pack Savings Bundle. Basically, you pay ahead for six hour-long or ninety-minute sessions, and you only pay for five. That's a 20% savings.

For referrals, we offer a FREE one-hour massage every time you send us three new clients.  Yup, just send us an e-mail when you send in a friend in. Once three of your best buds have made it in, your next hour-long massage is on the house. Send your e-mail to solarismassage@gmail.com and be sure to put the word "referral" in the subject line. Mention who you sent us and the approximate date of their appointment.

Even if you have a bat, you would be hard pressed to beat that deal with it. Whether you are regular or a future regular, you can make your appointment request online whenever you're ready to start saving at the place with the always day low prices (intentional mix of opp).

K. Wigs