Ashiatsu now in KC!


On November 2, 2009, Solaris Massage in the Crossroads district became Kansas City's first and only provider of Ashiatsu.

Ashiatsu is a painless deep tissue massage intense enough to relax every fiber of your being. Deep tissue clients report that this barefoot technique provides the kind of pressure for which they've been searching.

This unique form of barefoot deep tissue massage (which looks a bit like acrobatics from the sidelines) is perfect for athletic clients who prefer deep work. For $90, clients can try a 90-minute session of Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy.

During your Ashiatsu massage, the therapist (Kip Ludwigs, owner of Solaris Massage) will use bars on the ceiling to support her as she uses her feet to apply deep compression strokes of large muscle groups. Using feet has several advantages over hands, including double the available pressure; greater surface area; and longer, more fluid movements across larger sections of the body.

"Clients report that, although the pressure is greater than when I use my hands, [Ashiatsu] is more soothing and purposeful because my foot covers a larger surface area," says Kip Ludwigs.  "When I find areas of dense tension, I can flex my foot and apply more direct pressure with my heel. More than one client has referred to this deeper pressure as β€˜the jam,’ and many of them are now booking only Ashiatsu sessions because they like it so much."

Ashiatsu is available 7 am - 7 pm Monday through Saturday at 2020 Washington KCMO 64108.  For more information on Solaris Massage or to book an appointment please visit For more information about Ashiatsu or to schedule an interview please contact Kip at 816.868.1684 or For information on Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy please visit

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