Massage Client Confidentiality


Respecting boundaries is an important part of our job.

While many of us are familiar with the concept in terms of a lawyer or counselor, but massage therapists also follow a code of ethics—which includes client confidentiality. So, what does "client confidentiality" mean when it comes to massage therapy?

If you remember the telephone game from grade school, you may recall that even an innocent phrase can become a very strange and different one by the time it is whispered around the circle. Since we don't control what happens to information once it leaves our mouths, we must be very careful not to share too much.

An ethical massage therapist will discuss a goofy tattoo her client had last Tuesday. She won't holler at Tom about his rock-hard glutes across a crowded bar. If you run into her at lunch, she shouldn't ask how you felt after your last massage. After all, you might be with your boss, who doesn't know that half-day you took was for a massage appointment.

It's not that we have anything to hide. There is obviously nothing shameful about massage. We just err on the side of caution.  After all, respecting boundaries is an important part of our job. Respecting your privacy is just as important as respecting your pain tolerance, comfort level, and modesty.